TKMI Broadcasting
TV Program Guide Time Zones

United States

Eastern (EST) – The program guide times are listed in (EST) Eastern Standard Time.
Central (CST) – Deduct one hour from time listed on program guide.
Mountain (MST) – Deduct two hours from time listed on program guide.
Pacific (PST) – Deduct three hours from time listed on program guide.

Below is a list of several countries with a time conversion. All times listed are according to (DST) Daylight Standard Time, which starts the first Sunday in April and ends the last Sunday in October. For a time conversion that is not during (DST) Daylight Standard Time, add one hour to listed conversion.

Liberia - add 4 hours ahead
London - add 5 hours ahead
Malawi - add 6 hours ahead
South Africa - add 6 hours ahead
Rwanda - add 6 hours ahead
Zambia - add 6 hours ahead
Kenya - add 7 hours ahead
Uganda - add 7 hours ahead
India - add 9 hours ahead

If you do not see your country listed above, please contact us at and give us your name, country, and e-mail address and we will be glad to get the time zone information for you.